Big Loose #1 Rerun: Briantist

Ten-page story from 2009 as told by Briantist himself. I had just gotten fired from my job and had begun experimenting with inking with dip pens, and so after spending days on end doing that, I had a really visceral nightmare where I was drinking diluted ink instead of coffee and I woke up with this weird nauseous feeling and a bad taste in my mouth that stayed there for days and I can still conjure up if I really want to.

He and I lived around the corner from our friends’ house (the Honey Hive) and were going over there almost nightly to hang out and play music and (mostly) drink (again, I was unemployed). The narration of the story itself is a conflation of two nights: one when he got really drunk and told this story (as he did often when drunk) and another night when I got really drunk and ended up with a stick-and-poke tattoo and going home with Briantist to make eggs with peanut butter. And he did break into my room while I was in England. All true.


Briantist2blog Briantist3blog Briantist4blog Briantist5blog Briantist6blog Briantist7blog Briantist8blog Briantist9blog Briantist10blog


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