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Big Loose #1 Rerun: Briantist

Posted in Uncategorized on April 13, 2014 by ryanthetruck

Ten-page story from 2009 as told by Briantist himself. I had just gotten fired from my job and had begun experimenting with inking with dip pens, and so after spending days on end doing that, I had a really visceral nightmare where I was drinking diluted ink instead of coffee and I woke up with this weird nauseous feeling and a bad taste in my mouth that stayed there for days and I can still conjure up if I really want to.

He and I lived around the corner from our friends’ house (the Honey Hive) and were going over there almost nightly to hang out and play music and (mostly) drink (again, I was unemployed). The narration of the story itself is a conflation of two nights: one when he got really drunk and told this story (as he did often when drunk) and another night when I got really drunk and ended up with a stick-and-poke tattoo and going home with Briantist to make eggs with peanut butter. And he did break into my room while I was in England. All true.


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Big Loose #1 Rerun: Punks Win…AGAIN

Posted in Uncategorized on April 6, 2014 by ryanthetruck

The first three “Punks Win” panels from Big Loose #1. Always meant to churn out more of these than the six I did, but it got really easy to just get into the groove of having them win on reality TV shows. These guys are always so stoked! They can’t help being good at everything!