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I’ll tell you something else, man…

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With apologies to the Adolescents, Ellie Biddle, the Circle Jerks, Hawkwind, Steve Miller, Stephen Pastel, Nikki Sudden, and Brian Wilson, here’s Family Album by the now-defunkt Family Matters.  And it’s FREE! If the 21st Century puts out their record in a timely matter, that’ll make four albums I’ve dropped in 2011.  Somebody better clean that shit up.


…And we puttin’ it on wax, it’s the new style

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My therapist once said I was “emo.” Which is a real dis coming from your therapist.

I think I’m gonna make the Mozart ‘n’ Salieri hipsters (who I’ll probably just name Mozart and Salieri) recurring characters as stand-ins whenever I need obnoxious hipsters. Don’t get the reference?  BUY MY BOOK!

Walked through Bedford-Stuy alone

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