F Star Star Cunt



5 Responses to “F Star Star Cunt”

  1. This is the best thing I’ve read on this site. Nice work.

  2. For some reason the art isn’t showing up on this one. You can see em if you click on em but they’re not on the main page.

  3. We did genuinely enjoy your comic, and it was a very difficult decision to not include it. All of your arguments for why it fit the criteria in the guidelines came up in our discussion. I’d be happy to keep an eye out for another anthology that it would fit better with if you want. And I can email you smaller files to post on your site so everyone can read it.

    I do apologize that the guidelines weren’t as clear as I thought they were. I’ll try to clear that up for the next book. I did say that we wanted to keep it all ages friendly, but even that doesn’t sound as firm as it should have. I should have specified to try to keep work PG. Eight year olds at Bible camp aren’t our target audience, but we would like for them to be able to read and enjoy the book.

    And for the record (no Fear pun intended), we didn’t say your idea was cheesy. We said that comics that are adapted from songs can often be cheesy, and to only move forward with it if you were confident that you could do it well.

  4. The guitar solo on “Nazi Apocalypse” does totally shred.

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