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Back to the maps, set a new course, journey backward.

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Incidentally, if you live in Oakland like I do, you can get Big Loose at Issues, which, I suppose, is technically in Piedmont. Shut up.


Punk dog, why don’t you get a blog?

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My name is Truck, I’m a lesser-known character

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It’s mah berthdae, fulkhs, and my gift to you is BIG LOOSE #1 ! (specifically that you may purchase this gift for a mere $2 plus $1.00 shipping within the United States!)  Accidental hate crimes, rivalries between 18th Century classical composers, the continued triumph of the punks; this ones got it all!  Plus we have the same birthday. Isn’t that WEIRD?  The rave reviews are in:

“Oh look, you made something.” – E. Newman

“You’re much taller in your comics than in real life.” – W. Stonehenge

“That’s my attempt at making myself a superhero.  I have modest goals.” – R. t. Truck

“Blah blah blah rollicking blah blah blah” – Peter Travers

“This is the greatest show I’ve ever seen.” – Larry King


(No, that is not me on the cover.)