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My job. My band. My hand. My money. My life. My land.

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They started me on Monday so I had a bath on Sunday.

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What happened to you?

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Liner notes for Record City, the tape of my unreleased recordings I put out last year.  Image is of my favorite record store in the world, Record City, in San Diego.

Poster for the release show for the Tea Set’s Shitload of Sugar Suite.  My attempt at David Lance Goines.

Silica art, tissue and packing tape ring art for my then-boss at Nasty Gal, Sophia’s, birthday.

Insert and liner notes for the first Glitter Wizard 7″.

Cover art for my friend Davyd’s Oakland music comp.  I expected mostly folksy, twee stuff so I aimed for cute, but I think I out-cuted everyone involved.  Myself included.

Burnout Man 2008.  Jesus Christ I’m getting old.

Tree goats for Shannon.

Another Tea Set poster.

One of the best shows I ever played.  I was in Steve McQueen for a Day.

Rejected cover art for Adam Payne’s Residual Echoes.  Can’t really blame the guy.  He used the back cover though.More Wizard-era poster-y.

Illustrations for a B. Garbee story.

Let’s play Big Black at 4am and tell the neighbors they can all get fucked.

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Up the puns

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…down the bar.

The Dust(b)in of History

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