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Old man Porter, that old man Porter

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Two true stories involving Mr. Max Porter (aka Koko, aka T-Bone, aka Wild Man, aka Broomwig):

This is my first attempt at drawing my face close up and is, naturally, a colossal failure. If you’ve ever met me (which, if you’re reading this you obviously have) I don’t look anything like this rendering; certainly not as mean. Max says I got what I deserved.


I hope she sees me twirling…

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Some lyrics:

I think I’ll fall in love
And now she’s falling off her stool
It’s not me she’s thinking of
But I’m her little fool
And she’s my Helen of Troy.

-FB, “Chip Away Boy”

so of my stupid sincere youth
the exquisite failure uncouth
discovers a trembling and smooth
Unstrength, against the strong
silences of your song;

but my heart smote in trembling thirds
of anguish quivers to your words,
As to a flight of thirty birds
shakes with a thickening fright
the sudden fooled light.

– E.E. Cummings, Songs, “II”

And Randy Newman:

You’re welcome.

We can always move to Nebraska where the land costs nothing and the neighbors bring you cookies.

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Not that I do this anymore…

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Every day I like an egg and some tea, but most of all I like to talk about me

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This picture I drew of myself appears on my favorite comics site, The Daily Crosshatch, today. Thanks to those folks, ‘specially Sarah M., for letting me shove my face into their bidness for a day. Much respect to those cats. I also wrote an entirely true blurb about myself. Later, I plan to get out of bed. I meant to look grumpy in this drawerin’ but I think it looks like I’m actually trying to be an über-cool poser. Art imitates life I guess.

Ryan the Truck is a bass player what fancies hisself a guit-tar man (which is to say he don’t got a job) from Oakland, CA, via Santa Cruz, CA, via San Diego, CA. Somewhere along the line he got the damn fool idea in his head he could draw. As such, he maintains his quaint lil, brand-neu, one-legged blog Big Loose Comics which is gradually approaching the present in terms of “art” from the “backlog.” He hopes (hopes) to have his first mini Big Loose #1 at least photocopied by the end of this month (we’ll see about that, won’t we?). He is currently listening to a lot of Rancid for some reason and hopes that if you are ever in the Bay Area, you come see one of his no fewer than five musical ensembles (none of which sound like Rancid) perform in some shitty dive. NAMASTE.


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I made these. These are sad, sad Valentines, for everyone knows a Valentine is only meaningful when given away, not taken into one’s cave, scanned, and posted on his blog in lieu of actual art. Shame, Truck. Shame.

And I don’t even wanna hear about your confessions

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